Jon Vogel on Health Care Legislation in House

July 16, 2009

I just got this one today from my buddy Jon Vogel, Executive Director, DCCC.  He’s pretty geeked about the new healthcare bill.  Again, bold and bracketed commentary are mine:

“The House proposal will begin the process of fixing what’s broken about our health care system, reducing costs for all, building on what works, and covering an estimated 97% of all Americans”

– President Obama, July 14, 2009 [Obama said it, it must be true.  BTW, almost anytime a politician uses the word/phrases for all, everyone, everything, anyone, etc. as it relates to legislation, alarm bells should immediately go off in your head.]

Dear XXXX,

Those are the words by President Obama on the historic legislation that was introduced this week in the House to finally lower health care costs, provide a public option, and offer greater choice and a higher quality of care for all Americans. [literal fallacy of false choices—see IBD editorial showing bill actually limits choices to current carrier when bill goes into effect, or gov’t care]

The status quo of skyrocketing health care expenses for America’s families shows the true cost of doing nothing. If we fail to act, the cost of health care for the average family of four is projected to rise by $1,800 every year for years to come and insurance companies will make more health care decisions. [As opposed to some tangential gov’t committee making the decision for you? That’s better? Also, now health expenses will be necessarily increased for those who can actually “afford” to pay taxes, where some will be paying for tens, if not hundreds, of other people’s health care in some instances. But I digress…]

This bill is a cause for hope, but also a reminder of the tough fight ahead. [You don’t even know…]

Republicans [and an increasing number of Democrats] in Congress, backed by powerful special interests, are already recycling their same playbook of fear mongering that they used to block President Clinton’s health care reform. They’re even calling it “Hillarycare Revisited.”

Help us show that the American people stand with President Obama: Sign our petition declaring your support for Health Care Reform today.

America’s Affordable Health Choices Act – The Details

Here is what the House legislation will mean for America’s middle class families… [Class warfare readily on display.  Why not talk about what it will do for the poor, the immigrant, the rich—the “super” rich “fat cats,” as Carville has said in previous letters from the DCCC?]

  • GUARANTEED COVERAGE – The days of being denied coverage because of a preexisting condition – or being forced to pay higher premiums because of it – would be over thanks to the House bill. Insurance companies will also be prohibited from other discriminatory practices like charging higher rates because of gender, health status, or other factors. [Seems that health status would kind of be an important factor in how much you get charged for health care.  That is, get more care, pay more money.  What’s wrong with that? Mind you, I’ve had health issues myself, so this isn’t coming from Joe Healthyguy, here.]
  • GREATER CHOICE – If you like your doctor, your local hospital, or your current insurance plan, you can keep it under the House bill. It also sets up a health insurance exchange to act as a marketplace where individuals and small employers will be able to comparison-shop among private and public insurers. [Again, see IBD editorial above that disputes this]
  • LOWER COSTS FOR EVERYONE – The House bill would lower health care costs for all Americans. It ends co-pays and deductibles for preventative care and puts an end to rate increases for preexisting conditions. [I’m still wondering how they expect to pay for all this.  Oh yeah, we’re still paying for it!] It will give you access to the lower group rates from a national pool if you buy your own plan. It also includes a public option to compete with private insurers and caps annual out-of-pocket spending to prevent bankruptcy from medical expenses.
  • HIGHER QUALITY – The House bill makes sure that you and your doctor make health care decisions, not insurance companies. It provides new incentives, scholarships, and training to encourage the very best and brightest to become doctors and nurses.  [These really have nothing to do with “HIGHER QUALITY.” One does not guarantee the other.]
  • PREVENTION AND WELLNESS – The House bill also expands community health centers, strengthens wellness and prevention services, provides oral, hearing, and vision care for children, and ensures that mental health care is covered.

Despite this great step forward, the real fight for health care reform is still just getting started. President Obama needs your help to fight the lies, attacks, and scare tactics [Ad hominem and mischaracterization, bordering on slander.  Are you calling those who oppose this legislation liars just because they use facts—e.g., the text of the bill itself—to argue against it’s passage?] being used right now by the Republicans and their special interest friends. [Yes, only Republicans have special interest friends.]

And stay tuned for future editions of @Stake for more late breaking news from the campaign trail.


Jon Vogel
Executive Director, DCCC

I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced.


One Response to “Jon Vogel on Health Care Legislation in House”

  1. Jackie Durkee said

    At, I’m writing a series of articles outlining what the the actual House bill (h.r.3200) says.
    So far, I’m at Subtitle 2 of Title II of Division A. Tomorrow will be Subtitle 3.
    Join the Journey!

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