Carville And Identity Politics (via the DCCC)

July 19, 2009

Here’s a great example of the DCCC’s style of identity politics, courtesy of James Carville.  Probably not written by Carville, but at least signed-off by him.  Key phrase here is “fat cat.” I’ve gotten a few other emails from Carville (via the DCCC), and he seems to really enjoy using this phrase to insinuate that the Republicans are exclusively prone to corporate interests and the interests of other big donors.  I’m sorry, James, but neither party has a monopoly in that area.  (bolds mine)

Dear XXX,

There are just a few hours left to deliver a huge victory for President Obama and a devastating blow to the Republicans.

At midnight tonight, the FEC deadline hits and we will have to report how much money we have in the bank. As of now, we’re still $43,124 away from hitting our million dollar goal.

If we hit our goal, that means the media is gonna judge that President Obama still has momentum on his side when it comes to health care and everything else. If we fall short, they’ll be saying that Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin, with the over $14 million they just raised for Republicans, are stealing our thunder.

Contribute $5, $10 or more to the DCCC’s Million Dollar Match campaign. If you give by tonight’s deadline, House Democrats will chip in two bucks of their own money for every single dollar you give.

There are just a few hours left to tell good ol’ Newt and Sarah that their fat cat money is no match for what grassroots Democrats can do. We’re just $43,124 away from hitting our million dollar goal.

Contribute now.

James Carville

This was actually sent June 30, 2009.  A little old, I know, but good to see what is being sent out from the DNC and DCCC, official entities of the Democrat party, on a regular basis.

In a June 22 letter, Carville also wrote (bolds mine):

The Republicans called on none other than Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin to headline their big fat-cat fundraising dinner and claimed to raise over $14 million dollars in one night!

That’s right — $14 MILLION.

You know what I say? Thanks, but no thanks – how about you get back on that bridge to nowhere, Sarah.  We don’t need you or any of your fat cat friends who are rooting for President Obama to fail.

Again, the “fat cat” insinuation.  And get your facts straight, Palin didn’t order up the “bridge to nowhere.”  I think we need an internet ombudsman.  Oh yeah, that’s us!


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